Born 1981, Sadhbh Lawlor is an artist who works in a variety of mediums through community / educational contexts, commissions and collaborations.

She holds professional qualifications in both Art / Design / Multi Media and Fibre Art and has developed her practice over the past decade through a distinct set of initiatives, including:


Community based practices:

Working as a workshop leader and lead artist in the community / youth work sector through the CDYSB Youth Arts programme and other agencies and independent voluntary organisations including:

  • Alight, Awaken, Arise, a visual art piece created as part of the MAGS group, an offshoot of leaders from the Knitted Together project with a performance art piece held in The Wisdom Centre, Sophia Housing (2017);
  • commissioned artist and performer in The Natural History of Hope in collaboration with Rialto Youth Project, Fiona Whelan and Broken Talkers (2016);
  • The Knitted Together Initiative with FGU in Fatima Mansions (2014-2015);
  • Mainstream Quilt project with Rialto Youth Project (2015-2016);
  • participant in The 77 Women Quilt project with artist Marja Almqvist (2015-2016);
  • the Medal of Honour Project a community partnership with NCAD (2013-2014);
  • Big Sparkle Arts Event in The Helix (2014-2017) 
  • Ballet Ireland Summer School in Civic Theatre, Tallaght (2010).


Public Events:

Sadhbh produces a unique range of affordable arts pieces that finds outlet through engaging in a wide range of art / craft markets and fairs including the Georges Street Arcade; the Blackrock Market; Christmas Craft Fairs in Irish Life and the Point Village; The Dublin Flea Market and the The Fusion Market.

The Splitting Borders web comic and related publications have been featured in the Dublin Zine Fair; MCM Comic – Con; Temple Bar Gallery Artists Book Fair; Visual Artists Ireland Get Together; Independents Day; the Mountains to Sea Dun Laoghaire Book Festival and the Alliance Francaise/Comics Lab Festival de la Bandes Dessinee.

Sadhbhs community based / collaborative practices have found outlet in recent times through;

  • the Contemporary Self Portrait Exhibition in the NCAD Gallery (2014);
  • the Its in the Making Exhibition in the F2 Arts Studio (2014);
  • Knitted Together Phase One and Two Exhibitions in the F2 Centre (2014);
  • Contemporary Self Portrait Exhibition in the EU House, Dawson Street (2015);
  • Dublin Calling Exhibition and two day residency in Dublin’s Mansion House (2015);
  • Where the HeArt Is Exhibition with The Irish Housing Network in 12 Henrietta Street (2016);
  • The Natural History of Hope, three performances in the Project Arts Centre (2016);
  • Alight, Awaken, Arise, art performance at Sophia Housing (2017).



Sadhbh creates one off art pieces – ranging from soft sculpture, felted, knitted and carefully rendered individualised pieces of a biographical or directly personal nature – more-often with stories attached – to meet the particular requirements of the commissioner. Over 50 pieces in total have been completed since 2005 – see arts archive link below.


Studio based arts / crafts practices and management:

Following College 2002-2005 Sadhbh became staff member of the Nina Patterson Artwork Studios and thereafter worked for independent fashion designer Tokiki in the Georges Street Arcade. Latterly she undertook a contract to review / evaluate the functioning of the F2 Neighbourhood Arts Studio and re-design its operating spaces and systems. Sadhbh then took on the role of studio co-ordinator on a permanent basis for Fatima Groups United in the F2 Studio until the beginning of 2016.


Web Comic:

Started a web-comic called Splitting Borders in early 2013 with creative partner Gareth Gowran, where a new comic strip is produced on-line everyday Monday through Friday. The first fifty of the strips have been published into two volumes, then a Splitting Borders Alphabet Book and Splitting Borders: Curated Lines, a themed selection. They have to date produced 363 separate strips. They then began a series of short stories, The Melancholic Wife and her Perpetrating Husband, under the Splitting Borders banner. There have been seven episodes so far examining themes of assigning labels and identity. The collaboration is continuing in the production of a short animation film entitled Sound Holds the Distance Travelled, an adaptation of one of their comic short stories, due to be released summer, 2018.

See splittingborders.blogspot.com.


Art Archive:

In November of 2012 Sadhbh started her own Art Archive through a blogging format on the internet – the site contains photo galleries of her work along with essays about her process, influences and passions.

The web address is toofolktobecool.blogspot.com



Knitted Together Mansion House

Natural History of Hope

Knitted Together Fatima Mansions

Dublin Calling 001

Dublin Calling 002