KnittedTogether Mansion House Residency

Knitted Together Phase Three

Dublin Calling

The KnittedTogether Project started in May of 2014 when Fatima Groups United, a family resource organisation based in the heart of Rialto, was awarded the VoltAge Bursary by Age&Opportunity. The F2 Stitch and Bitch Group working with the FGU artist-in-residence, Sadhbh Lawlor, took the lead in this creative project. This energetic and knitting-obsessed group took on the challenge to use their many and varied craft based skills to create textile sculptures based on the themes of Home and Place. They rose to this challenge magnificently and produced three sculptures for Phase 1 of the project. One of the pieces they created was a strikingly accurate model of H and J block of the old Fatima Mansions flat complex before its demolition as part of a regeneration process that took place in the area.

For Phase 2 of the project the KnittedTogether group went on to design and make sculptures based on their own or imagined homes and representations of local shops or shops they had memories of from when they had grown up. They created a vibrant and colourful town centre full of memories which became a personal documentation of their lives and their environment. This was the centrepiece of a Christmas crafting event that took place in December 2014 in the F2 Family Resource Centre where the group works in the centres arts studio every Monday from 10am-12pm.

Now in Phase 3, the project and the group have grown in confidence and ambition. This has manifested in a cityscape where the new collides with the old; the real blends into the imagined and you will get a glimpse into their own personal Dublin. This is Dublin as you have never seen it before. And what better place to showcase it than the Mansion House, where the group took up up a residency to present and discuss their work in conjunction with Bealtaine 2015.

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